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Basses I have and have had in chronological order (of buying).

I began playing bass on a Morris Jazz bass copy I borrowed from a friend of mine. I decided bass was my instrument (instead of electric and classical guitar I had been playing before). Next you will see pictures of basses I have or used to have in chronological order.

Squier Katana
There's something about letting wood dry for years before using it to build basses. That's what they didnt do with this one. It sounded "different" after one year. Not to the better.... Later I traded this bass for my old Korg MS10 synth (which is now long gone also). update 20081101: this bass is back with me. A good old friend who has been moving this bass between all his houses all these years gave it back to me. :) According to fender.com this instrument dates circa 1985-1986
Gibson G3 (1977).
My first quality bass. Not very playable unless you like bassball bats. But a very clear sound. Before buying the Rick fretless I pulled the frets out of this instrument. When done I decided luthier was not going to be my profession. This bass rests in its case ever since waiting for a restore. (Sold 2009-02-05) (Bought back later) (traded for a Hofner more later) The inbetween owner let a professionel finish my work to make it fretless. Now I had it refretted. (traded for an Hofner Club 2019)

Rickenbacker 4000 MG (1975)
My first Rick. Bought long ago but allready well-used by then. I dont think I will ever be happier with a bass than with this one (being my first Rick).

Rickenbacker 4001 FL JG (1979)
Second Rick. Always wanted a fretless to play with sometimes. Still do, still have it for once in a while playing fretless.

De Armond Ashbory I have the black one. I dont play it often. But its funny and a serious sounding instrument at the same time though. (Traded 2008-10-24)
Rickenbacker 4003 JG (1999)
I bought this bass new in 1999 after a former employer stopped and sacked me with 3 months of salary. I sold this bass 2007. '99 Ricks have fat necks. I dont like that. It sounded very good though. (Sold 2007-09-16)

Rickenbacker 4001 MG (1973)
I bought this bass end of 2006. It had spend some 20 years in its case before. Checkered Binding, Wavy Grovers, Full width mother of pearl Inlays, 1/2 inch pickup spacing. And a fabulous neck. (bought 200610221) (sold 20120702)(traded back and mine again)
Klira 162-3
I bought this as a test to see if I would like a semi-acoustic. Test was succesfull! (bought 20070610)
Rickenbacker 4001c64 JG (2006)
My ex-brother in law went to America. I took opportunity to buy this bass while he was there. In europe these basses (if available) cost a fortune. (Sold 2009-07-18)

Rickenbacker 4003 MID/BT (1986)
It took al long time before my favorite color combination (blue/black) came by. I couldnt resist. This is my favorite bass. It has the nicest neck of them all and sounds good on any amp. (bought 20080312)
Warwick Streamer Stage I fretless (1993)
Hey, It's not a Rick. I wanted a fretless with an ebony fretboard. This came by several times on marktplaats.nl. Every time it told me: "buy me" because of the looks. Finally I did. It plays wonderfull, but it is for sale now as I still miss a neck pickup. This thing sort of has two bridge pickups and I'm not really into jaco sounds. ;-) (20081107 traded for another Warwick.)
NS Design Wav
I wanted an Electric Upright Bass for quite some time. This one came by cheap enough to say yes. I had a lot of fun learning and playing Rockabilly bass on it. But at a sudden point I noticed I had not played it for more than a month. (traded 20091015)
Rickenbacker 4003 MID/BT FL
An FL in my favorite color combination. This is very rare so I couldnt resist. (now or never) But it had a lot of damage when I recieved it. Far more than the Ebay add told. It is awaiting a restore now. I'm thinking about an ebony board. [update 20130223] She now has an ebony board and a different color. :)
Bach Precision
I always liked Precision sounds. I traded my Asbhory for this bass (on 20081024) so I have a Precision now. It actually plays better than any Squier or Fender P I held in stores. And it sounds Pretty P also. (sold)
Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman 5 string
I got this by trading it for my Fretless Warwick. Nice way to try a 5er for once. :) (sold 2009-09-09)
Rickenbacker 4005
I was searching for a semi-acoustic for some time. But all I did was compare choices to a 4005. I decided I'd better buy a 4005. And I must say I'm very happy with it. Rickenbacker sound++ (arrived 20090506)(sold 20131019)
Rickenbacker 2030 An example of a cheaper Rickenbacker. (Arrived 20090810)(sold 201109xx)
Rickenbacker 4003s Again an S model. I allways liked this model and felt that after selling the 4001c64 I should have another one. (arrived 20091006)(sold 20100723)
Epiphone Rivoli I got this 20091015 in a trade for the EUB. Nice sixties sounds! It did'nt get enough playing time though. (20100213 traded for a Rickenbacker guitar.)
Hopf Studio An old Hopf studio bass. The same model as Lemmy used on the first Hawkwind recordings (with him). Being a Lemmy fan I had to have this offcourse.
(bought 20100402)
Rickenbacker 4001s Again an S model. (arrived 20100602)
Rickenbacker '73 4001 AZG (arrived 20100623)
(sold 20181111)
Rickenbacker '76 3000 MG (arrived 20101001)(sold 201110xx)
Fender Precision Standard LPB (arrived 20101001)(sold 201110xx)
Charvel Surfcaster (arrived 20101108)(sold 201106)
Jolana Rubin Conclussion till so far: wood sounds better than the Epi Rivoli, Hardware is definely less, pickups are comparible. (arrived 201104)
Ibanez Musician MC 900 Fretless (arrived 201106)(sold 20110731)
I allways liked the look of this model and was curious for the sound. Good thing I tried. ;-)
Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo JG 4-2-5'd (arrived 201107xx)(traded 20131113)
This was my main bass for a while in a band I used to be in.
Hagstrom HB-8 (arrived 20111015) Nice and cheap way to try an eight stringer. I liked it so much I bought a Rickenbacker eight stringer as replacement. (sold 20130526)
Rickenbacker 4004 Cheyenne BBR (arrived 20111219)(traded 20170904
Finally a Rickenbacker in one of my most favorite finishes. (traded for the 4004/5)
Rickenbacker 4003S/8 FG (arrived 20120625)
A Rickenbacker eight string bass. I find it much fun to play an eight stringer once in a while. :)
Rickenbacker 4003 Shadow (arrived 20131014)
Rickenbacker made 50 or 60 of this special edition of the 4003 for a jubileum of a certain american music store. It has checquered binding, it has black dots instead of triangular inlays and it's black which is one of my favorite colours. Being an '86 it also has the nicest neck a Rick can have. :)
Rickenbacker 4001 WHT '78 (arrived 20131118)(traded back for the '73 MG 2016xxxx)
Rickenbacker 4003s/5 JG '98 (arrived 20140210)
Rickenbacker 4003s JG '86 (arrived 20140406)(sold 20180607)
Warwick Alien (arrived 201406)(sold)
Rickenbacker 4001 '68 (arrived 20140815)
Hofner shorty (arrived 2015061x)
Rickenbacker 4003 Blackstar '88 (arrived 20150815)
Gibson Thunderbird NR (arrived 20150815)(sold 20190806)
Ibanez Destroyer DT-650 (arrived 20151015)(sold 202106xx)
Godin SA5 fretless (arrived 20170708)(sold 20220308)
Danelectro (arrived 20170805)(sold 20210xxxx)
Rickenbacker 4004Cii/5 TG (arrived 20170904)
Epiphone Woody Allan Rumblekat (arrived 20170912)(sold 2017xxxx)
Hofner Club CT (arrived 20181104 in a trade for the Gibson G3) (sold 202107xx)
Rickenbacker 4004 Ci (arrived 20190620 )
Rickenbacker 4003S/5 WAL (arrived 20200520 )
Ibanez EHB 1005F (arrived 20230705 )
Rickenbacker 4003S/5 MID (arrived 20230711 )
Fender Dee Dee Ramone Artist Series Signature Precision Bass (arrived 20230807 )